Wall Mounted Propeller Fan

These Meta-Vent series of propeller fans can be used as exhaust and supply air for toilets, lift motor rooms, halls, warehouse etc., it is wall mounted type. The fan ranges from 200mm dia to 1000mm dia. Air volume from 400 m3/hr to 26,000 m3/hr free blow. Impeller are of axial type made from sheet metal and driven by ebm IP44 external rotor motor. 4, 6 & 8 pole speed are available as well as 2 speed option for certain size.


Light Casing Axial Fan

This meta-vent type of light casing fans are generally used in area where the fan are ducted and air volume & static pressure requirement are up to 5000 m3/hr and 100 pascals respectively. Fan diameters are from 200mm to 450mm and noise level is from 40 to 63 dBA@3m. The impeller are made of sheet metal and motor are IP44 ebm external rotor motor, insulation are of class B or F depending on fan size.

Wall/Window Mount Domestic Fan

VORTICE domestic fan are supplied in three sizes fan diameter 150, 230 & 300mm.

Air Volume
Power (w)
Current (A)
V15/6" A
V23/9" AR

ext. 620/ int 400

V30/12" AR
ext. 1100/ int 750

They are used as exhaust/supply systems in toilets. meeting, showrooms etc., The above models are of electric 230V, 50Hz.

Propeller Fan
Dosmestic Fan
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Light Casing Axial Fan