Adjustable Pitch Axial Flow Fan

The Ductline series adjustable pitch axial flows fans can be used in systems such as exhaust and supply air, fume exhaust, smoke spill, spray booths and many other applications. Their fan diameters are for up to 1000mm with air volume of 20 m3/sec. Hub sizes are 150mm with 5 and 10 aluminium blades & 250mm with 7 and 14 aluminium blades.

For Diameter above 1000mm to 1600mm, with air volume up to 70m3/sec, Airscrew series impeller will be used for more demanding performance. The Ezy-Loc hub comes with bore sizes 38 to 90mm.The casing is of rigid steel with hot-dip galvanised finish. Standard casing lengths fully encompass the motor and the impeller. Air volume of up to 120m3/sec is achievable with airscrew DX2000mm axial fan.

For marine applications, fan casing could be of different materials, such as mild steel with hot-dipped galvanised finishes, anti-salt aluminium & stainless steel. The thickness can be fabricated for up to 6 or 9mm. For marine explosion usage, inner copper or brass strip lining will be incorporated for non-sparking feature according to Class rules. Applications for ex-proof may be for pump rooms, chemical stores, paint store and area under hazadous zone on board vessel.

Motors comply with the appropriate British Standard (BS)/ Australia Standard (AS) and other international standards. They are of TENV or TEFC type, sealed for life ball bearings, available in Class F & H insulation or exlposion proof characteristics.

Bifurcated Axial Fan

This fan are used where out of the air stream requirements are specified. Fan diameters are for up to 1400mm and constructions are available in two options, the Conical or Cylindrical design. Motor are of TEFC type with IP55 & class F or H insulation.

Performances - Performance curves and technical specifications are based upon tests carried out in accordance with BS848 Part 1 (1980) - Installation Type D (ducted inlet, ducted outlet) and BS 848 Part 2 (1985).

Short Casing Axial Fan

This short caing fans are generally used in area where there are limitation in installation spaces, it could be in industrial or marine applications. Air performance are similar to our long casing axial fans. Physical different will only be the lenght and weight reduction. Other dimensions remains quite the same.

Axial Fan Model 800-10-150-28
Marine Bifurcated Fan
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