Circular Silencers (Podded & Unpodded)

The Ductline circular podded & unpodded silencers are of rolled and pregalvanised sheet with thick end flange ring used series with axial fan systems such for exhaust and supply air noise suppresion. The absorbent material are of an acoustic grade non-combustible mineral wool held in place by pre-galvanised perforated steel sheet. Moisture resistance lining are available on request.

Sizes are from iside diameter 315 mm to 1600 mm.for both podded and unpodded silencer. Length are standard as one diameter size and 1.5 & 2 times diameter length are an option. Silencer with podding will have better noise attenuation than uppoded type.

Operating temperature are from -40 to +150 deg.C. Standard finish are with galvanised zinc coating to As & BS standard, other finishes such as expoxy paint are also available.

Rectangular Silencers

This range of rectangular silencers are designed to allow air to pass through the airways between splitters while noise is absorbed in the porous material contained within the splitters. The casing splitter modules are manufactured from pre-galvanised sheet steel. The porous in fill material is protected behind a layer of galvanised sheet steel.

The attenuators can be used in HVAC applications, industrial machineries etc.,

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